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Honeywell launched VFD core series frequency converters

Honeywell has accumulated rich experience in the application of frequency converters in HVAC systems with more cost-effective fans in a large number of engineering projects, and summed up how to collect and analyze data more safely and accurately to achieve accurate control. The series products launched this time have solidified the safe and energy-saving operation mode of the equipment before leaving the factory, and have built-in interfaces of two international standard communication protocols, MODBUS and BACnet, which can monitor the frequency converter through communication, so as to realize the ideal control of the frequency converter. This product is mainly used in HVAC systems. It is an indispensable member of Honeywell's green energy-saving solutions. At the same time, it can transmit data with any mainstream building automation system, and has a wider application space

the reasonable use of frequency converters in fan and pump general motor equipment can save% electricity compared with the traditional adjustment methods such as valves and baffles. As an element to control the power transmission of AC motor by changing the frequency and amplitude of motor working power supply, frequency converter can optimize the operation of controlled equipment. The soft start characteristic of the frequency converter reduces the impact on electricity and the requirements for power supply capacity, and extends the service life of the equipment. Various alarm and overheat protection functions of the frequency converter can also greatly reduce the risk of equipment operation and ensure the safety and reliability of the system

China is a large energy consuming country. In today's world energy shortage, the government has taken energy conservation as one of the most important tasks at present. Honeywell environnement has become one of the world's most famous manufacturers of dynamic experimental equipment, which is used in many industries. Mr. Jin Kaiming, Asia Pacific director of building automatic control products of the automatic control department, said: "At present, the total installed capacity of domestic motors is 580million kW. With variable load, there are at least 180million kW motors with energy-saving potential, of which only 20million kW are controlled by frequency conversion. In order to meet the environmental needs of energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan, Honeywell launched VFD core series special rock wool spray insulation coating column frequency converter, which will help to improve the efficiency of motors and reduce energy consumption. The excellent performance and long life of this series of products The design provides a reliable guarantee for customers to use with confidence. "

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