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Selection and maintenance of truck crane

in China, truck crane is a kind of widely used lifting equipment, and it is also a kind of equipment that can create the most benefits. How to choose and purchase reasonably

first, select the tonnage according to your project requirements or your financial situation. Generally speaking, when the industry is booming, although the growth rate is relatively slow, regardless of the tonnage, the time to recover the cost of the invested equipment is basically the same. It takes less than one year to two years at most, which means that the greater the investment, the faster and more money will be made by using the vacuum pump imported from Germany to vacuum the vacuum container. Then select the approximate length of the boom and jib according to your requirements for the working height, and determine the number of sections of the boom to determine the approximate model of the product, The general conditions of various truck cranes are as follows:

product model chassis axles number of jib sections jib length (m) jib length (m) reference price (10000 yuan)

qy822/313.3 ~ 16.65.522 ~ 26

qy ~ 38

qy1633/424 ~ 30.57 ~ 8.1544 ~ 50

qy2033/425.2 ~ 31.27.5 ~ 8.1556 ~ 60

qy2533/425 ~ 327.5 ~ 8.1568 ~ 88

qy 5 ~ 15 (two sections) 120 ~ 130

qy504540.18.5 ~ 15 (two sections) 160 ~ 190

qy 5 ~ 15 (two sections) 210 ~ 235

qy ~ 16 (two sections) 400 ~ 460 (high configuration)

(the above data is for reference only, please consult the local dealer for details)

secondly, compare the product performance of multiple companies. Compare the driving performance, lifting operation performance, operation height and operation speed; Compare the configuration of products, the materials of structural parts, and the advanced conditions of structural parts. For example, is there any difference between the structural form of the boom and the foreign advanced level? How big is the difference? Whether the design of structural parts is reasonable or not greatly affects the performance of products and the weight of the whole machine. Supporting facilities and materials also affect the cost of products

thirdly, make a field visit to the manufacturer before purchasing products. Inspect the equipment level, manufacturing level, quality assurance system, product design level and staff quality of the factory

finally, we should understand the sales service network, spare parts supply network and the reputation of the enterprise

in this way, you can buy suitable cranes. Anqing feikaigaoji new materials Co., Ltd. is applying for a national enterprise technology center; Taifa and kart are applying for provincial enterprise technology center; Taifa, Dingfeng and other enterprises are applying for high-tech enterprises; The optical power R & D and testing center jointly built by the high tech Zone and the LED Industrial Park has been registered

when you own your own crane, how can you give full play to its performance and create more and greater wealth for you? The suggestions here are:

first of all, take good care of your products, prohibit illegal operations and overloaded operations, so that your products will always be in the best state, so that the excellent performance of the products can be brought into lasting play. 9. Why should we build a demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new materials

secondly, call your members to carefully study the operation manual and fully master the product performance, operation method and daily maintenance method

finally, they should participate in the crane operation training organized by the manufacturer, hire crane drivers who are proficient in product operation and have operation certificates, and hire experienced site instructors

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