Selection and maintenance of the hottest DC servo

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Selection and maintenance of DC servo motor

working principle of servo motor, what are the working principles of DC servo motor? Where are the servo motors repaired and what are the criteria for the selection of servo drivers

DC motor servo driver solidmotion sa3610 is a servo motion controller specially designed for DC brush servo motors. The motion control logic and power amplification are integrated into one to provide continuous output power up to 1000W (speed closed loop, position closed loop and power amplification are integrated to be helpful to everyone). In combination with DC motor and optical incremental encoder, a high-performance servo motion unit can be formed. As a high power density and high integration motor servo driver to avoid harmful gas, dust and oil mist, the ideal application fields of solidmotion SA series servo driver are:

the walking driving part of wheeled and tracked robots

the high-precision motion joints of small industrial robots

sensitive to weight and volume Other small devices requiring high-precision motion control

solidmotion sa3610 servo driver can be configured as open-loop or closed-loop. It has incremental optical encoder interface and RS232 communication interface. With pulse control and step motion mode; It can also directly receive the signal control of the model aircraft remote controller. At this time, its working state is consistent with the governor we usually use. Different from the ordinary governor, DC solidmotion sa3610 can be used not only as an open-loop governor, but also as a closed-loop governor

solidmotion sa3610 servo driver communicates with the user's upper computer through RS232 interface, and has a command set compatible with mcdc2805 driver of faulthaber motor group. Therefore, it can directly use the motion manager software of faulthaber to configure and debug solidmotion sa3610 like mcdc2805 driver. Position, speed and acceleration can be set, acceleration mode can be selected, position 2 Requirements for fixture materials, speed servo mode switching, PID parameter adjustment, various limit, protection and status reporting functions

solidmotion series servo driver has current monitoring, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage alarm (protection) and overheating protection. It is worth mentioning that the solidmotion series servo driver also has the function of overshoot protection. For example, if the motor is forced to stop running by external force, and then suddenly released, the motor will not directly produce overshoot, resulting in the illusion of "flying car", but can be configured as a brake or other safe motion state as required. This is especially important for some occasions to avoid damage to the gearbox, body and other components due to overshoot until 2022

for the selection of servo motor, the first thing to consider is the purpose. Different servo motors should be selected for different production workshops. The selection of servo motor is very important if the equipment is in the optimal working state

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